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Child Oral Care

One of the most common chronic disease among children is tooth decay or dental caries or cavities. Kids’ loves sweets, and today they are consuming more and more candies, sweets and junk foods behind their parents back. Including the fact that they are not much brushing after meal, making their teeth more prone to tooth decay.

                     Our Gentle Dentistry Team can help parents and their children in fighting tooth decay with proper information and preventive methods such as teeth cleaning every six months and opting for fluoride treatments that will help to keep excess plaque from forming on your child's teeth, and strengthen the enamel.

"It is not just about detecting tooth decays when kids make their dental visit, it is also about building a good dental home for your child and also making the child get use to regular dental visit so the dentist can also monitor the child's growth and development." Get to know your child’s oral health and let’s discuss it. If you are searching for  teeth whitening, veneers teeth, wisdom teeth treatment, crown treatment in Dubai UAE than most welcome in Bin Arab DMC best Dentist in Dubai.

Smile makeover in UAE