Dr. Seda Ozyoney

Wisdom tooth removal Dubai, Wisdom tooth removal UAE
Dr. Seda Ozyoney

DDS, PhD Endodontics,
Turkey, General Dentist

Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry
Doctorate Diploma (PhD) Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Certificate of Specialization as Endodontist, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health
Professional Experience
Member of Turkish Endodontic Society and European Society of Edontology
Specialist Endodontist, Dentamar Dental Clinic, Istanbul Turkey
General Practitioner and Endodontist, Md. Hayim Buberoglu Dental Office, Istanbul Turkey
General Practitioner and Root Canal Treatment Specialist, Dubai UAE
Microbiology of symptomatic endodontic infections, Y Garip, S Hatipoglu (Ozyoney).-Turkish J of Dentistry
Evaluation of smear layer removal after use of a canal brush: an SEM study. Y Garip, H Sazak, M Gunday, S Hatipoglu (Ozyoney). Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Rad;
Effect of the angle of apical resection on apical leakage, measured with a computerized fluid filtration device. H Garip, Y Garip, H Orucoglu, S Hatipoglu Ozyoney. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral rad;
Poster Presentation; Extrusion of traumatically intruded teeth by using skeletal anchorage: A case report. Turkish B Sen, L Kuru, S Hatipoglu (Ozyoney), N Kucukkeles Orthodontic Society International Symposium;
Awards and Certificates
Posterior Indirect Restorations Course by Engin Taviloglu (Dentakademia)
8th International Qintessence Symposium, Istanbul
Les Estivales Int. Congress of Implantology and Dentistry and Sename Meeting, Istanbul
Turkish Dental Association Emergency Training Course
Dentsply Professional Development Meeting, Istanbul

Dr. Seda Ozyoney is an experienced Turkish dentist with more than eleven years of experience as general dentist and Endodontist. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University, Turkey she started PhD programme in Conservatif and Endodontics Department in Marmara University, Istanbul. During her PhD education she performed challenging endodontic treatments comprising large periapical lesions and cysts,
calcified root canals
, persistent endodontic infections. She was also responsible for carrying out the clinical training of undergraduate students. After earning her PhD, she started to work in two different renowned clinics as an endodontist in Istanbul, Turkey.

She is experienced in working with elderly patients, children as well as those suffer from dental anxiety. Her experience mainly comprises of challenging endodontic treatments, inlays and onlays, esthetic anterior composite fillings and veneers, zirconium and pfm crowns, intracoronal and office bleaching. Dr Ozyoney is also familiar with treatment of misaligned teeth with invisible aligners.

She is also a long member of Turkish Endodontic Society and European Society of